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This artwork was inspiredby a song from Daniel Nahmod called, One Power. In the song, Daniel says, you can call “The Power“ anything you want, Jesus, Lord, Buddha; Ba’ha’ulla, Muhammad, etc. but essentially it’s the power of love in you and me. This heart has the word love written in the 31 most commonly spoken languages on earth. It is a great gift for Christmas, Hannakah or any event that involves love, connection, etc. and for any person that has a passion for the world and humanity. Below are the languages included:


1. Mandarin Chinese -, or Ài

2. Hindiमोहब्बत, or mohabbat

3. Spanish– amor

4. English- love

5. Arabicحب

6. Portuguese– amor

7. Bengaliভালবাসা, or Bhālabāsā

8. Russian– люблю, or lyublyu

9. Japanese-, or Ai

10. German– liebe

11. Punjabi-ਪਸੰਦਹੈ, or Pasada hai

12. Javanese- tresna

13. Korean-애정, or aejeong

14. Vietnamese– yêu

15. Telugu ప్రేమ, or prēma

16. Marathi-प्रेम, or prēma

17. Tamilஅன்பு, or Anpu

18. French– amour

19. Urdu محبت

20. Italian– amore

21. Turkish– Aşk

22. Persianعشق

23. Guajarati- પ્રેમ, or prēma

24. Polish– miłość

25. Ukrainian– любов, or lyubov

26. Malayalamസ്നേഹം, or snēhaṁ

27. Kannadaಪ್ರೀತಿ, or Prīti

28. Oriyaପ୍ରେମ, or prēma

29. Burmeseချစ်ခြင်းမေတ္တာ, or hkyithkyinnmayttar

30. Thaiความรัก, or Khwām rạk

31. Sign Language


Dimensions with the mat: 8" length 8" width

One Power White Background

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