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There is power in writing, the physicality of moving your thoughts from your mind to paper. It helps you to better invoke your intention, draw from the innate wisdom of your soul, practice gratitude, recognize your growth, celebrate your accomplishments and consciously make choices from a place of awareness. Four methods are provided below. Any of these will help you create the life you want.

Method 1 - Three Pages

Write at least three pages each day in a journal in a stream-of-consciousness style during which you just write whatever is in your head. Even if nothing is in your head, just write “Nothing is in my head, nothing is in my head, nothing is in my head . . .” There is a magic in this process.

Method 2 - Reach

Write about these five topics.

Release - Release anything that may hold you back.

Energy -What you plan to spend your energy on today.

Awake - What learning or insight did you gain yesterday.

Celebration - Celebrate what you did or achieved yesterday.

Heart - What filled your heart with joy yesterday.

Initially, this method takes maybe 15-20 minutes; but over time it will probably take about 5 minutes.

Method 3 – Bullet Journaling

A mixture of journaling and art in which you tend to make bulleted-list or grids of items to help you do things you need or want to do and you also decorate the journal pages for various holidays and/or inspirational thoughts. This can be concise or elaborate.

Method 4 – Dear Diary

This can just be typical journaling where you just write about whatever you want in whatever format you want and as long or short as you want. You can also address your journal as though you are writing to a specific person, like Oprah, Mother Theresa, a loved one or anyone who inspires you.

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