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Discounts and Deals for RSC Members

These are the current discounts and deals in effect today.

Important Notes:

  1. Discounts are not additive (except in special circumstances) - so pick the highest one that applies to you.

  2. You enter the discount codes as you are checking out,

  3. We offer these discounts to help people who are in various financial situations. 

  4. There are 2 discounts, 50% and 25%, that are need-based - meaning you would use them if you struggle to pay the full price.We do this to pay-it-forward and to offset, to some degree, the disparity of opportunity that people have experienced in their lives. Pick the discount level that you feel you can afford. If you struggle to pay any amount you can apply for a scholarship below.

  5. Discounts on products will vary depending on the seller.

  6. You must be a member in order take advantage of all products and services. You can enroll for either a paid or free membership here: Enrollment

  7. Most purchases will apply toward: Slayer Treasure

  8. Some scholarships available: Scholarships

Inside of Hot Air Balloon


Need-Based Discount for Experiences



Need-Based Discount for Experiences

Sunset Pagoda


25% Discount on Individual Life/Soul Coaching Session

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