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Personalized Paintings on Glassware, Plastic and Metal

You can have something painted for a person - whatever they are passionate about including sports, college, home, hobby, family, pets, vacation trip, job, career, military, Valentine's day, Christmas, weddings, etc. The glassware can be wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, kids cups, serving dishes and glass panels. Practically, anything you can think of.

How this Works!

We need to get the glassware and your pictures - 3 months prior to when you want them delivered. You send us the picture or pictures you want us to draw the inspiration from. We have a phone call or you send descriptions by e-mail; where you describe what you are hoping for. We mock up a draft in a picture form - to see if it is what you were thinking. Then we paint something "close" to the mockup. We do not guaranteed any type of exact replica, because painting on a curved, breakable surface is more challenging than canvas; and sometimes what looks perfect on a flat surface may not look quite right on a curved surface so we make a change. But you can see the detail and quality we produce from the pictures below. We do not do refunds on this because it takes a lot of time to do this. We generally don't paint the facial features on people because it is just too difficult to do on these surfaces and with the paints we use. If you want paintings done on other objects please contact us to discuss the object you want painted and the nature of the painting, to make any final cost adjustments. 

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