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Soul Mapping


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More Information about How We Use this Information

We use it to map your needs, both spiritually (inside world) and practically (outside world). We also tailor our programs to the actual people participating as much as we can. So, if we are doing an activity with 20 people, we will look at the responses of those 20 to get a sense of who they are and what they need or resonate with. With a fewer number of people, the RSC facilitator might read the individual responses, including your explanations/details, provided by you, if time permits. If we are doing something with thousands of people, then we might run a report to see, in aggregate, what the make-up of the group is and again, we use it to optimize the experience for you.


We also use it to create social and/or support groups. We look at your responses and your needs and if part of that is being part of a social group that has certain characteristics, we do our best to create that, if possible, from the members available.


We use the information to steer you to any products, services, activities, and information, that we think might interest you. You will always be able to go in and see all products, services and activities, but we think a selected list based on your responses, is likely to save you time. We also use it to determine what we can create to fill needs that you have.


Judgment – This activity includes questions about spirituality, politics, where you’ve lived, your life philosophy, etc. The challenge is that when many people are engaged in some of these topics, it is usually in some aggressive/judgmental situation. This is not at all how your information will be viewed or used. The Rainbow Soul Circle does not believe in, nor support such behavior. This information is a bridge from us to you. The better we know and understand you, the better we can serve you.

Privacy – The RSC does not send your individual identifiable information to any organization other that what is outlined in our privacy policy. RSC facilitators will not divulge any of your responses to others, unless you’ve provided permission/authorization for some reason. The information you provide to the RSC for this mapping activity will not be visible to others on your profile.


Notifications – We realize that everyone is being inundated with e-mail and application notifications these days. In general, we tend to send out an e-mail, perhaps once a week and then a monthly newsletter.


Continuous Quality Improvement – Technology and knowledge are changing rapidly. We will be enhancing everything we do for you all the time. Your information helps us to make changes from a member-centered viewpoint. We do feedback forms and such also, but this also lets us do better aggregate planning to make sure the changes become a value-add to you.


Coercion/conversion – We know there is always concern about any group that has some connection to spirituality because of all the crazy groups that have formed in the past and the terrible actions they have taken. Please know that the RSC is not a cult. In actuality - we are the opposite of a cult. We do not plan to coerce you, convert you – to do anything or to be anything. Being controlled by someone else is not living fully. See our “Not a Cult” page for more info.

Soul Mapping is the beginning of the relationship between you and the Rainbow Soul Circle whether you are a prospective member, supplier, patron, volunteer, industry partner or a member of the media. The Rainbow Soul Circle is about connection, empowerment and changing the world - we plan to do this through strong, supportive relationships. We want to know as much as we can about you over time, so that we can optimize our help and services for you.

The questions will take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. However, it will save you hours of time in the long run and will help you create a more powerful life. This is not a questionnaire focused on superficial topics. It will ask you some profound questions that will make you think about your life and the world. It's the beginning of you driving your life. Assessments of this caliber generally cost several hundred dollars. It is how we always hope to engage you; by providing profoundly powerful services and products for a "best value" cost level, that exceed your expectations and often meet a need that you didn't know you had.

You can complete your soul map here: Soul Map Questions

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