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Slayer Treasure

Slayer Treasure is similar to point reward systems only super-fun. You can earn "treasure" by several activities including:

  • Recruiting others to become members of the RSC.

  • Participating in games, challenges, and puzzles.

  • Doing real-world activist activities and reporting them to the RSC

  • Volunteering within the RSC framework, either doing work in the community or providing services to the RSC.

  • Winning on Big Gay Bingo night.

The treasure can but used on products, services and events. Sometimes the treasure might be applied as a discount percentage, or a dollar amount off or a free gift from the Fairy Dragmother.

It can also are used in the Slayer application/game - so you can get both "imaginary" rewards to use in the Slayer Game and rewards in the "real" world.  We may even have amiibos, that you can earn as treasure, that will give you advantages or special equipment that you can use in the game.

We don't have the details finalized on all this yet. For now, your best path is to find the treasures (earn points) and then see what you can do with them, once we get "the plan" completed.

Image by Ashin K Suresh
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