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Application for Documentary Film on Men

Application for Documentary Film on Men

Thank you so much for considering participation in the film. To apply to be in the film, you can click on this link and complete the bio-questionnaire: Bio-Questionnaire

General Film Information

  • There is no compensation for this film. We want men who volunteer to be in this film because they are passionate about the subject and purpose. We do plan to have a page on each man who volunteers with information about them - their families, business, etc. - whatever is helpful to the men to have on their page. So being in the film could help your family, community and of course, the world!!!

  • The purpose of the film is to open up a conversation about men and masculinity, who they really are today and what they aspire to be tomorrow.

  • Topics might include happiness, hopes, dreams, spirituality, racism, current events, politics, relationships, parenting, success, what it means to be a man, violence and more. These are tailored to each interviewee based on their bio-questionnaire information

  • If selected, you will be asked to provide a copy of a government ID and to complete a release form providing us with the rights to your interview material. 

Reasons for Needing Driver's License or Government ID

  1. To make sure the person is over 18 or their parent has given permission

  2. To make sure the address information provided by the person in the online survey is accurate and that they’ve signed their release form with their legal name. (It's surprising how often people write or key something in wrong).

  3. Safety for anyone associated with the film. We figure someone like a Ted Buddy will be less likely to try and reach us or another participant, if we know, with relative certainty, who they are from their government ID.

  4. If the buyer of the film needed to get in touch with you and couldn't locate you, we would use the ID info to try and help them. 

  • We do them through Zoom, so you will need a quiet place and a phone/computer where you can be seen on the video/audio.

  • The videos tend to run about 2 hours. 

  • They are completed in English. If you don’t speak English but have someone can translate for you during the film session, then we could still do it.

  • If you are selected we will find a time that works for us and you to do the filming. 

  • We expect to complete the filming in the next few months.

  • You do not need to have special clothes, be in a certain industry, be a certain race/gender/sexual/religion/socio-economic background, etc. We want men from all walks of life and all countries on the planet.

  • The men who have done this seemed to enjoy it (we sure did) and many of them referred others. So we think you will be glad you participated.

Thank you so much for participating in this and representing your country. All the gentlemen who have done it so far seemed to really enjoy it and we've had several of them refer other men to us. So we think you will be glad you participated.​

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