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Rainbow Soul Circle Experiences

Rainbow Soul Circle "Experiences" are unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that tend to profoundly change people's lives in positive ways. The sessions explore spirituality and life transformation in unusual ways and for niche groups such as families, SciFi fans, men, women, leaders, light workers, creatives, fundamental spiritual people, community and business leaders, and more. 

These experiences meet online weekly, through video/audio conferencing for 8 sessions for 1-1.5 hours.

You may qualify for a discount (as high as 60% for some of these programs and others) - Discount Codes

You can apply for a scholarship by completing a soul map questionnaire: Soul Map 

Full Cost

Risers - $3000 

Leading with Soul -$2000 

All other experiences - $500

Choose An Experience Below

Polymath Your
Creative Path

Untitled - December 9, 2020 18.26.16 copy (1).png

This experience will help you unlock, unblock or enhance your creativity. Creativity is becoming more important in the work world everyday. You will discover your talents and your deep down desires and how the two are related. People often come out of this experience producing amazing creative work and the foundation for new careers or businesses. It will be a safe space for you to share your ideas and work and get positive feedback and support.

Romance & Relationships

Paper Heart

This experience will help you understand what love really is, how to find it, and how to develop good relationships with your significant other, friends, family and community.

This is experience is an exploration of the Bible (and other religious texts) and how they relates to New Thought/New Age beliefs and in light of recent scientific research. If you have been brought up in fundamental religions the teach that many people are damned and will go to hell, this experience may disturb you and yet free and empower you at the same time. However, this is a safe and space where we all can really talk about the "big questions" of life and have fun at the same time.


Prayer Group

Leading With

This experience is for middle management, CEOs & Executives and anyone who want to be a leader in the future. Participants come away more empowered and more at peace. We explore being a leader in light of the pressures of today's work world, seeking to find ways of thinking and being where our work world can be better aligned with our inner self. This experience will help you set boundaries with regard to where and how your precious time and energy are spent - how to work smarter, not harder - but in a way that impacts those around you positively.

Untitled - January 8, 2021 21.39.28 3.png


This experience is for celebrities, influencers, politicians, etc. - people who are in the public eye or have significant financial resources. This experience provides you with a tribe and a regular time and place to keep yourself grounded. People who are in the limelight or have achieved significant worldly success (financial, fame, power, etc.), often struggle with who they are and what is important. They have so many people telling them that they should do or be "this" or "that" and people who associate with them purely for self-gain. In this experience, you will know what your value is that is intrinsic to your inner being and has nothing to do with society. You will be able to share what is happening to you with regard to career, family, etc. in a safe space with others who face the same challenges. It's important that you periodically check with yourself to see if you want to get out of bed or "Rise" in the morning. It's also important that you really are "rising" in a way that is good for your soul and your overall well-being. Finally, it's important that you recognize your past successes and leverage that strength as in Maya Angelou's work - Still I Rise. We focus on all of this.

Untitled (12) 4_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


This experience will be a highly interactive and engaging examination of spirituality as explored by science fiction visionaries. This particular experience will focus on the TV movie series, Foundation (book series by Isaac Asimov) with the first episode airing on September 24 on Apple TV plus. We will have the sessions 2 days after each episode release to give people time to watch it. The sessions will discuss the TV series, the book series and it will be free-form where other SciFi works like Star Wars and Star Trek can be brought in as the topic warrants. If you love SciFi you are going to have a great time in this experience and come out of it with profound insights for your future.


This experience is designed for women (those by birth or by self-identification) only. While we don't want to divide people into a "them" and "us" generally, at this point in humanity's development, there are certain experiences that are more effective when tailored by a person's gender-way-of-being.

Untitled (25) copy (2) copy copy copy (2
Untitled (25) copy (1) copy copy 2_edited.jpg

God & Dudes

This experience is designed for men (those by birth or by self-identification) only. While we don't want to divide people into a "them" and "us" generally, at this point in humanity's development, there are certain experiences that are more effective when tailored by a person's gender-way-of-being.

Untitled - July 30, 2021 11.43_edited.jpg


In this experience we explore work on manifesting prosperity in all areas of life, but particularly on financial prosperity. The focus of each of these experiences will change depending on the needs of humanity in general. At this time, the practical need of getting a job now, but discovering your real life purposes and creating a path to do them. We will using a new book written by Grace Lawson-Rivers for much of the experience. Grace is a minister, life coach and a business professional who was in Human Resources for 20 years. We will also pull from other books about prosperity.

Untitled - June 27, 2021 23.08_edited.png

Fabulous, Fierce & Free

A unique life changing experience of viewing spirituality from the Drag Queen perspective. This course is irreverent, insightful and fun. Think RuPaul's Drag Race only with a bit more "god stuff" in it. If you want to be "real" about God, the Universe, and your role in it, this is the course for you. This will be very life-transformational now if you want it to be or it can be a catalyst for contemplation about your future.

Roots & Wings

Untitled - May 31, 2021 10_edited.png

This experience is for families. Each session will have activities and discussions for both parents and their kids and then will be followed by small groups in which the parents are in groups separate from the kids. These smaller groups will be parent and child-led. This will provide your family with the opportunity to meet parents and kids from across the world and to explore parenting and growing up from the view point of various cultures. This experience will also pull from a new book written by Stephen Biddulph, called Fully Human - A New Way of Using Your Mind as well as some of his older, but very relevant books on parenting. Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s best known parenting authors. A psychologist for 25 years, his books are in four million homes and thirty-one languages. From this experience, parents and kids emerge very empowered and with greater self-esteem. It helps put family members on the same page for a more harmonious way of living.

Fly Amoyo

Untitled - July 30, 2021 11.59.59.png

This experience helps you become more aware of how much of your life you are living for other people rather than for yourself. It helps you to think about that, determine what you really want and figure out a path to get there. If you say "yes" when you want to say "no" frequently, your life seems to be in a stuck place or you feel just overwhelmed with your commitments, this course is likely to help you in profound ways.

Coming Out
Coming Alive

Untitled - April 11, 2021 10.22.13 2.png

Whether you think you might be gay, trans, queer, etc. or you just don't feel like you "fit in" for any reason - this experience is likely to help you. In the experience you will explore the pros and cons of non-conformity and how to navigate in a world that tends to reject diversity. You will likely come out of this experience feeling different about yourself and the world in a way that makes you more likely to lead an empowering and authentic life. Please know that this is a safe space. You will not be "pushed" in any direction as we believe only you know the best choices for yourself and when to take action. It is more about sharing with others, learning about yourself, developing a path for your life journey and having a support network. Other people should take this course are those who have faced a major challenge - like a death of a loved one, health illness, abuse or coming out. People with this background can learn to leverage the strength and bravery they've developed to achieve new dreams and to help other people in the group who are going through similar issues now.

Light for

Untitled - July 30, 2021 12_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

This experience is for people who are in healing/helping/service oriented jobs such as ministers, therapists, life coaches, counselors, healthcare professionals (EMTs, dentists, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc.), teachers, police officers, firefighters, energy workers (Reiki, tarot, shaman, etc.), social workers, attorneys, and people who do humanitarian-oriented work or work in a non-profit. It is designed to provide support to people who tend to give too much of themselves to others (You know who you are). People come out of the course understanding more about who they are, what they need and how to structure a sustainable life. They also spend time for themselves, determining their dreams and mapping out a plan to achieve them.

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