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Imagine a hillside in which deep grooves, or gullies, have been cut by years of rain, washing downhill. Now, whenever it rains, the water washes down the same grooves each time cutting them deeper into the hillside. They are now permanently etched into the hillside and carry down all the water that falls on the hillside. There are also deep groves in your mind. They are channels through which your thought-energy moves. They were cut in your childhood. Now they’re so deep that almost anything that happens in your adulthood will run down the grooves in your mind (Source: How Long Till My Soul Gets It Right, Robert M. Alter & Jane Alter)


Due to the way our brain functions, negative messaging tends to cut the deepest grooves. Affirmations are a way to re-groove your mind.

An affirmation is a short positive statement that can help you focus on goals, get rid of negative, self-defeating beliefs and program your subconscious mind. It is good to spend at least 5 minutes per day, saying and/or thinking affirmations. Some people say affirmations throughout their day as a way to offset the negative messages they received in the past and the negative messages that our society sends today.

Guidelines for Writing Your Own Affirmations

  • Make your affirmations short so they’re easier for you to remember.

  • Start your affirmations with “I” or “My.”

  • Write your affirmations in the present tense.

  • Don’t begin your affirmations with “I want” or “I need.”

  • Make sure all your affirmations are positive statements.

  • Create affirmations that you believe.

Sample Affirmations

Below you will find a list of affirmations for many topics including health, relationships, prosperity, purpose, positivity, chakra balancing, self-confidence, self-esteem, stress management, creativity, happiness, success, gratitude, weightloss, communicating and more. Feel free to use these or write your own.

"Unversal benevolent force" is used to represent whatever force created the universe, people, planet, trees, flowers, animals, gravity, wind, sun, rain, etc.  Subsitute whatever words best mean that for you - whether it's God, Christ, Jesus, Buddha, God/Mind, Allah, Confucius, Krishna, etc.  You could also change reference to "force" to spirit, higher power, higher consciousness, humanity's consciousness, or something else that better fits youl

Financial Prosperity

  1. The universal benevolent force makes financial abundance available to me.

  2. The source of my financial abundance will come from the universal benevolent force directing and working through me.

  3. I am able to give up ego control of my life, so that I will get what I really want and need.

  4. I am able to trust in the goodness of the universal benevolent force.

  5. I give some of my resources to others, trusting that such energy will be returned to me in an even greater amount.

  6. I give some of my resources to others, knowing that my current abundance was created by my past generosity.

  7. I believe that everyone, including me, deserves financial abundance.

  8. I focus on activities that lead to my well being.

  9. I am grateful for my life.
  10. I am grateful for the people in my life. 


  1. I create my perfect health.

  2. My small changes for health are making a big positive difference.

  3. My body sends me wise messages and I respond in a right and perfect way.

  4. My mind and body are in rhythm.

  5. I am perfect, healthy and strong.

  6. My body perfectly connects me to spirit.

  7. I maintain healthy habits.

  8. My outer self reflects my truest inner self.

  9. I am one with the universal benevolent force.

  10. I am one with the breath of life.


  1. My relationships are thriving.

  2. I choose empowering relationships.

  3. I see the true nature of other people.

  4. I am able to forgive others.

  5. I am blessed by others.

  6. I love and am loved unconditionally.

  7. I nurture my relationships.

  8. I am fully present with other people.

  9. I am at peace.

  10. My presence is healing to the people around me.


  1. My true self will create my success.

  2. My soul steers me toward my greater good.

  3. I am pure unbounded awareness.

  4. I am the universe.

  5. I choose steps toward my wholeness.

  6. Freedom is my true destiny.

  7. My deep desires come from my soul.

  8. My desires manifest at the right time and place.

  9. I manifest desire easily and naturally.

  10. I take action toward my desires.

Forgiveness - These can be said to help with forgiveness for yourself and/or others.

  1. The universal benevolent force wants me to forgive myself/others and I am able to do so.

  2. I release the past so that I may be a part of a perfect future.

  3. I release the past so that I can be who I was meant to be.

  4. In the perfect creation of life, there is no shame. Thus, I should forgive myself/others.

  5. I/other people are doing the best I/they can based on my/their current consciousness.

  6. I have the power to forgive now.

  7. Everyone is experiencing what they are supposed to be experiencing for their greater good in the long term.

  8. I forgive others, so I can claim my power.

  9. I forgive myself, so I can fully love, help and be present for others.

  10. Everyone is on their own perfect spiritual path.

Happiness, Peace and Positivity

  1. The happiness of others is my own happiness.

  2. My presence creates peace.

  3. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

  4. I nurture myself in every way.

  5. I allow myself to just be.

  6. The best time of my life is always now.

  7. I feel the harmony of existence.

  8. I am grateful for the incredible gift of life.

  9. I am always enough, exactly as I am today.

  10. I recognize my achievements thus far.

Weight Loss

  1. I am able to feel peace and joy in the present moment.

  2. I hear and act from the wisdom of my emotions.

  3. I am nourished by the experiences in my life.

  4. I am the source of my own inner healing.

  5. I live as who I was meant to be.

  6. There is nothing that I have to do. I can rest.

  7. I don't have to be perfect to be awesome.

  8. I choose companions who support my well being.

  9. I transform negativity and darkness into light.

  10. I transform heaviness into lightness.


  1. I activate my vision everyday.

  2. I clearly hear the wisdom of my soul.

  3. I trust myself and the benevolent universal force.

  4. My creativity is the expression of my journey toward wholeness.

  5. I heal myself and others.

  6. I help others be free.

  7. I allow my light to emerge.

  8. I rejoice, celebrate and honor my journey as it has unfolded so far.

  9. I communicate authentically.

  10. The universal benevolent force created me to live from my deepest desires and I do this.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

  1. I matter and I am powerful.

  2. I am unique and my existence has a purpose.

  3. I allow myself to be fully who I am in order to help others.

  4. I am supposed to contribute my uniqueness to the world and I do.

  5. I am brave.

  6. I listen to the voice of my soul and do what it says to do.

  7. I share my light with the world.

  8. I am aware of my true nature.

  9. I define myself by choosing who I want to be.

  10. I am surrounded by loving people.

Purpose and Meaning

  1. I hear my soul.

  2. My actions are inspired.

  3. I fully experience and am grateful for each moment of my life as it unfolds.

  4. I live authentically.

  5. I am limitless.

  6. My heart knows the answer.

  7. I am intuitive.

  8. I help others to be free.

  9. I fearlessly take action toward my deepest desires.

  10. I bring joy, peace and love to the world by by healing myself.

First Chakra - Instinct, security, survival, grounding

  1. I am held in the arms of the universal benevolent force and I am perfectly, utterly safe.

  2. My life energy protects me.

  3. The universal benevolent force knows my true needs and takes care of them.

  4. I am at peace with the people and things around me.

  5. The universal benevolent force is able to meet the needs of everyone at the same time.

  6. I feel safe and secure.

  7. I love and trust myself.

  8. I make healthy choices.

  9. I have everything I need.

  10. I embrace change.

Second Chakra - Fluidity, pleasure, sense of self

  1. I am beautiful, strong, radiant and healthy.

  2. I value and respect my body.

  3. I take care of my body.

  4. I am passionate.

  5. I allow myself to experience pleasure.

  6. I love my body.

  7. I embrace my sexuality.

  8. I enjoy the present moment.

  9. I enjoy life.

  10. I am aligned with the flow of life.

Third Chakra - Will, purpose, strength

  1. I embody confidence and inner peace.

  2. I feel my own power

  3. I am proud of myself and my achievements.

  4. I am the architect of my life and I choose the best for myself.

  5. I live primarily from the wisdom of my soul and accessorize from the wisdom of others.

  6. My body is strong and healthy.

  7. Just by being, I am valuable.

  8. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

  9. I choose love, light, and healing.

  10. I have the courage to be myself.

Fourth Chakra - Love, compassion, balance, acceptance

  1. I give and receive love unconditionally.

  2. I am open to love.

  3. I forgive myself and others.

  4. I am at one with nature.

  5. I dance in the moment.
  6. I live in balance and peace.

  7. I am peaceful.

  8. I am connected to myself, the universal benevolent force, humanity, planet earth and the universe.

  9. I laugh a lot.

  10. My heart feels light.

Fifth Chakra - Communication, creativity, resonance

  1. I speak my truth and hear the truth of others.

  2. By sharing my truth, I help others to heal themselves.

  3. I truly connect with others through honest, loving and courageous communication.

  4. I resonate with others by really listening.

  5. I intuitively listen by hearing what is not said.

  6. I nourish myself with creativity.

  7. I easily communicate my feelings.

  8. I express myself clearly and in a healthy way.

  9. I listen with the ear of my heart.

  10. I can say "no" when I need to.

Sixth Chakra - Perception, integration, imagination, vision

  1. I am intuitive and all the answers I need are inside me.

  2. I learn from my experiences.

  3. I am in touch with my inner guidance.

  4. I am open to inspiration.

  5. My life moves with grace.

  6. I see connections and the deeper truth.

  7. I have deep sense of knowing everything I need to know.

  8. I dwell in the state of presence.

  9. I am a timeless, eternal being, connected to the wisdom of the universe.

  10. I see challenges in my life with great clarity.

Seventh Chakra - Wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection

  1. I am complete and one with divine energy.

  2. I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.

  3. I trust my intuition.

  4. I feel at one with others.

  5. I feel at one with nature.

  6. I am open to divine wisdom.

  7. I live in the present moment.

  8. I feel connected with other beings, with heaven and earth and the whole of Universe

  9. I experience, peace, love, and joy

  10. I understand the deeper truth of suffering.

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