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The Ultimate Guide to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1.4.1 on MAC OS X

The host system is a modest Macbook Pro, the installed system is 10.4.11 and is using 4GB of memory. Running ScummVM in compatibility mode keeps it stable and it manages to run the game well, but crashes occasionally, mainly when it receives a prompt or when the game is searching for the computer's serial number. The song is the Stomp song by the Foo Fighters and it plays when the player dies. To play the song, choose "songs" as the game type and in the "song:" field put "stomp". ScummVM provides a way to test the basic gameplay without any sound, but do not use that. It is unstable, impossible to fail and it does not work. To have the game prompt you for a computer's serial number, use "compatibility" or "silent" as the game type and provide the serial number in the "serial number:" field. You can also play the game with the extension "ntc" in the extension field, with the gameplay and music disabled. To launch the game with the extension "ntc", create an user script, put "1.4" in the field "version:" and put "ntc" in the field "extension:" and run the game with the command: scummvm ntc /path/to/your/game.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1.4.1 MAC OS X

A lot of people still don't know what a Jini client is. They really don't. They think a Jini client is something that just runs on one computer and connects to the Jini engine, and maybe they think the client is something like a web browser, but they think a Jini client is just kind of hokey and clunky. That is the wrong idea. The idea is to have multiple clients running on multiple computers talking to a Jini engine running on one computer.

I have a million people asking me when I will get to Jini. I got out of Jini-ness and into the world of ScummVM some months ago. The days of just talking directly to the kernel are over, gone in the USA, gone in the UK, and very soon, gone all over the world. Already, many people are using the API provided by ScummVM and it is growing and growing. You can get to a majority of the functionality in ScummVM by talking directly to the kernel with the Jini API. Right now, there is nobody doing that. You really can use the UI and connect to the world around you. And you can do it while you are playing ScummVM games.


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