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Buy Beeswax Tealights PATCHED

Do you have tealight holders you love to change out with each season? Do you enjoy the variety that tealight candle holders add to your home? If you do, then really light them up with pure beeswax tealights in clear cups! Beeswax burns brighter than other candle waxes used for tealights, so your candle holders can truly show off their beauty. With generous five-hour minimum burn times, you can enjoy entire evenings spent in cozy candlelight. Pure, 100% beeswax burns cleanly and adds that honey-on-warm-toast fragrance in the air that is all natural (thanks to the bees!) The self-trimming wick is maintenance-free, so just sit back and enjoy the glow!

buy beeswax tealights

Tealights perform best when burned completely during one lighting, so they are ideal for those times when you have hours to enjoy your candles. Economical and long-burning, tealights are a maintenance-free choice for adding coziness to any room!

This Christmas I hope you will enjoy our beeswax tealights throughout your home. Even though beeswax tends to be one of the pricier candle waxes it is natural, non-toxic and burns beautifully. Tealights tend to be one of the more affordable candles and are ideal if you have never burned beeswax candles before but would like to try them out. You will notice the beautiful amber glow first thing. Did you know that Honey Candles beeswax provides light that is closest to natural sunlight?

You will also notice the warm scent of honey. This is because premium quality unscented beeswax always has a natural honey scent. It will make your home smell divine! Along with this clean natural scent you will notice that it is clean burning. As long as beeswax candles are trimmed properly they will never smoke or produce soot. In most cases tealights are self trimming and best burned in one lighting. Tealights are designed to fully liquefy. If you choose to extinguish the tealight it may not relight if less than half the wax is left. If the wax is below the halfway point even if it burns it likely will never get hot enough to burn the wax completely.

We love the usual natural beeswax without any color. However, especially for the holidays you might like to try our beautiful White beeswax. We make our White beeswax using a mechanical natural filtering process. We never bleach our beeswax to make it white. Some candle companies say beeswax must be bleached to be made white and I assure you this is not true. Besides White we also have a package of six holiday beeswax Tealights that are a mix of Forest Green, Burgundy and White. Or you can buy six packs of one of these colors. You can even buy singles of our holiday Red and White.

Give beeswax Honey Candles Tealights a try this holiday season. You will be impressed with how long a little beeswax tealight burns compared to paraffin or a pure soy candle. This is because beeswax is naturally long burning without any hardeners or additives. We hope that after trying this sweet smelling little candle you will want to be introduced to the whole Honey Candles family. Handmade in Canada from Canadian beeswax. So is the packaging and the labels!

Our clean-burning, non-toxic beeswax tea lights are a beautiful way to bring warmth into any space. Use just one to accent a special photo, or use a dozen to fill a room with starlight. Regardless of how you use them, you can be certain that our tea lights will burn clean and bright for up to 5 hours. And be sure to check out our recycled glass tea light holders below. Our Tea Lights are available in Raw and Ivory Beeswax. They are also available in clear cups, aluminum cups, or refills (no cup). The refills will fit in the clear cups which can be reused again and again.

They weren't for me but a dear friend I had already sent her votive s and glass holders..She loved the votive s. I worried around the cheap tealights she was using. She loves the tealight. Thank you. It's so great shopping local.

I'm fasting from electrical lighting for Lent and have been using only Bluecorn candles at night for almost 2 weeks now. These are beautiful and incredibly long lasting & bright for tea lights. I get almost 5 hours per burn, though they are dimmer by the end of their use. If using for lighting, these make a wonderful mobile (housing them in glass) compliment to Bluecorn's taper candles. Would definitely recommend! I only give 4 stars because the burn direction of the wick is inconsistent and leads to varying burn times and not always melting all the beeswax (typically closer to 4 hours and not over 5 in my experience).

We often say that beeswax candles are the BEST candles ever! Going back in history, beeswax was the preferred candle type by royalty, nobility and the church because of its pleasant aroma and beautiful light. Argument could be made that it is still the preferred candle type, at least for those with information to base their decision. The good news is that beeswax candles are no longer out of reach for most consumers. Beeswax candles are the cleanest, brightest, and longest burning. Here are how those properties translate into a great candle.

Subtle, Natural ScentOne of the reasons we love beeswax so much is its versatility. Our beeswax candles get their scent from the nectar and honey that was originally stored in the honeycomb. Therefore, the scents of our candles change slightly depending on what the bees were pollinating. Some of our past batches of beeswax have had traces of wildflowers, prairie grasses, citrus, herbs, and wild berries. One of our favorites came from a hive pollinating strawberries. Nothing brightens our day like the sweet aroma of berries at work. Regardless of where the beeswax came from, all of our candles have a subtle and pleasing, honey-like scent.

Air PurifyingUnlike many other candles, burning beeswax actually purifies the air. Beeswax candles emit negative ions which bind with particulate matter in the air, causing the floating particles in the air to drop to the ground. Some say negative ions also stimulate the pituitary gland, thus increasing creativity, intuition, and dream activity. Because of their air cleansing properties, beeswax candles are a great candle option for people with allergies, asthma, sinuses and sensitivities.

Beeswax Candle Works is located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. All of our candles are hand made in our shop. We offer the largest selection available anywhere of USA produced 100% beeswax candles. Our offering includes hand-dipped tapers, votives, tealights, birthday candles, Havdalah, emergency tins, solid pillars, figurines, Hanukkah and honeycomb candles.

* Because beeswax candles are slow burning, they require thicker, sturdier wicks than what is used for paraffin candles. Keep in mind that the way a wick burns will vary based on many factors, including the size of the container and how refined the beeswax is.

Hi Lisa, I use essential oils in my beeswax candles too. In fact, I just finished a few today, and one is burning as I write this. I also purchase my wax from a local bee farmer which happens to be my boss ? Give the oils a try, at least for variety.

I had the exact same problem as LIA. Mine will burn for about 15 min, tunneling straight down and after that go out and will barely light again and just fizzle out. I used cotton wicks. I now have 2 dozen jars of pretty looking beeswax decorations.

I am a beekeeper that has never attempted to make candles until now. Years of beeswax building up! Find a local beekeeper to buy beeswax! The retail stores are high in price. I used 3 pounds of beeswax and 2 cups of coconut oil and made 3 candles in large mouth jars I kept from previously purchased candles. Not much? I bought the coconut oil at Earth Fare. Next time I will buy in bulk from Amazon. Use the larger size wicks for a larger candles. The packages will talk about diameters.

Since the beeswax pulls out toxins from the air I was wondering if I burned candles with scents next to your candles would it draw the toxins out of the air? Just a thought, and if I made my own what essential oils would you recommend?

Your candles look so lovely. I think in my mind I had always confused beeswax and honeycomb candles thinking that they were one and the same. Thank you so much for also explaining how to filter the wax. I would have skipped that step.

Heather,Great article! After reading your article and looking through the pics, i was wondering if instead of having to hold the wick down to get it to anchor and remain straight, if you have tried to soak the wick in beeswax first, let it harden (speed this up by putting it into the frig for a few minutes), now the wicks are stiff and straight and now just hold it in place as you pour the melted honey in the jar. What are your thoughts?

Try cutting the beeswax into smaller pieces, even grating it, beforehand. Be careful when you do it as it is a bit slippery to handle.I use a lot of beeswax when making lotions etc and it does take ages to melt if in a large chunk,

Are the wick stickers pretty necessary or just more helpful in holding the wick in place? Also, I have a few large chunks of beeswax from A local source. Do you have any suggestions on a faster, easier way to melt that down rather than having to use beeswax pellets?

I melted by comb, strained it using pantyhose, let it cool and it separated from the honey. But my beeswax seems to not burn as well as store bought beeswax. Store bought is very yellow, mine is more a of a darker yellow/brown. For instance the store bought wax burns great in a 2 inch votive with a number 3 wick, but even using a number 6 wick, my wax makes a small melt pool and flame goes out. I suspect I am not melting and straining correctly. Help?

If you love the look, feel and smell of beeswax candles, Register Family Bee Farm has the products for you. Unlike many advertised candles, our candles are made of 100% beeswax so you know that you are getting the highest quality candles on the market. 041b061a72


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