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The oceans are overfished and barren, poisoned by toxic runoff. All whales and at least half the Earth's fish species are extinct. On land over half the species extant at the beginning of the century are now gone forever, with most of the remaining endangered. The human race, using its technical ingenuity, has learned to keep itself alive, but it has lost almost all contact with the natural world, which it has strangled and crushed out of existence. There are no national parks left, only housing projects and protein farms. Yosemite is an upscale condo development. Most ocean-front property is used for mari-culture, since the only food source efficient enough to feed everyone these days is spirulina.

[PAW CREW] Project New World Script - Infinit...


Inside Prometheus, everybody's asleep except for a four man flightcrew who look very haggard. The rest, a hundred or so passengers, are all in medically induced hibernation. With certain drugs people can be caused to hibernate like bears and other mammals, dozing away the years at low temperature, and with minimal mental activity. We see Josh in his hibernaculum, his skin a bloodless blue-white. To combat the sustained brutal acceleration and deceleration, he is suspended in liquid, like a fetus in the womb. A cold womb of dreamless sleep between worlds.

Before the release of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, a third animated feature based on Batman: The Animated Series was planned, entitled Batman: Arkham. The film was supposed to be a follow-up for Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, and Boyd Kirkland was attached to write and direct; but the project was soon scrapped. A second Batman Beyond movie was planned for release but was finally scrapped due to the dark tones and controversies of Return of the Joker in 2001.[14] Around 2003, during the production of Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Warner Bros. approached Kirkland to write a Catwoman direct-to-video feature film as a tie-in with the 2004 live-action film. Although the script was written, the project was soon scrapped after the poor reception of the live-action film.[15]

I am excited about improvements. I expect to see easier and better in world building tools for a beginning level of builder or in world only builder, the ability to make rigged objects that are not avatars that we can animate with .bvh files (animals, npcs), and a better scripting language!

If it is possible, perhaps SL could bring in another script language that would work in SL alongside LSL, such as javascript or C# or Lua, whatever it is they are looking at for the new grid. This way we could learn it and get used to using it before the new grid arrives. Perhaps some of our scripts could even be used in the new grid, making the transition a little easier for content creators. We would be more prepared to hit the ground running, and that is good news for everyone, because the new world would be interesting all that much faster.

Idea: Pay for CPU resources. Free accounts will have a basic CPU allowance time that will barely allow them to use a shooting tool for the combat stuff, and maybe one or two scripted objects in-world, and 10-15 non scripted objects. This way a grieffer will have to practically pay for the scripts to use to slow the region down or all the objects to fill in, which would make it economically uninteresting, and would still pay for the moderator times to clean up the mess. Also would make people be more careful with the trash they leave behind.

Kirk even wanted to know the reason for Taylor's expedition and it was for him to find a new life on another world, to find something better than man. Kirk got through to Taylor and they decide to ally themselves against the combined might of Kor and Marius. With some advice from Taylor, Kirk along with Spock, Scotty and some red shirts, they beam back down in new clothes to not arouse suspicion. The combined team find a gorilla base that has housed several Klingon weapons for the gorillas. In fact some gorilla soldiers do appear and a severe fight breaks out but Taylor and Kirk prevail. It's learned that the gorilla forces led by Marius make way to Ape City, so they have to move quick to prevent a war between ape kind. The combined might of Taylor, Kirk's crew and even Cornelius is just enough to stop Kor's mad plan.

However from the perspective of web/mobile code sharing we just use Angular's Dependency Injection to provide the right HttpModule into our project. So for a web project we use import HttpModule from '@angular/http'; while for a NativeScript project we use import NativeScriptHttpModule from 'nativescript-angular/http';.

We have two pairs of node_modules and package.json. The first pair at the root is designated for the web project, while the one in the nativescript folder is used for the NativeScript project. To install an npm package for the web project, just run all npm commands from the root folder and for the NativeScript project run the commands from the nativescript folder. If you need the same npm module in both, then you need to run the npm command twice.

Next there is the nativescript folder with the app and src folders. The nativescript/src folder is symlinked to the root/src, which displays all the files that are specific to the NativeScript project, while ignoring the web only files. For example the ExampleComponent would look like this (note that there is no example.component.html):

To debug a NativeScript application, just go into the NativeScript folder and run npm run livesync, then in a separate terminal (command line) run tns debug ios or tns debug android. This will not only run the debugging tools for NativeScript, but it will also refresh your project every time you make any changes inside the /src or nativescript/src folders.

You can resume writing again in this file with myps.Open(). Note that you may have several Post Script files opened simultaneously. Use TPostScript::Text(x,y,"string") to add text to a postscript file. This method writes the string in quotes into a PostScript file at position x, y in world coordinates.

This project will allow Fall Creek Junior High to purchase two VEX V5 work cells for robotics classes. The work cells incorporate a robotic arm, sensors, conveyor belts, and a coding software to simulate how a real world assembly line operates. The purchase of two additional work cells will allow more students to get a hands on experience with the system and will allow students to work in groups to make the systems work together.

This project creates a space in the cove of the building that sparks curiosity in our youngest learners. These provocations will be an extension to science activities that have already been planned and could possibly lead students in other academic directions. Students would visit with loose parts, natural materials, and other items in the space to build, design, wonder, and launch into projects that answers their questions about the world. This will allow time to collaborate, problem solve, and deepen understanding of their world.

This project utilizes the Dobot Magician Robotic Arm and conveyor belt to introduce students to a complete production line simulation. Students use block coding to program the robotic arm to write, 3D print, and sort items as desginated by students for real-world problem solving and computer science applications. This project gives our students an introduction to artificial intelligence and the impact on society and careers this technology has for our future.

This project will provide globes to the Global Studies class at Hoosier Road Elementary. Students want to have different kinds of globes at every table to explore learning about different countries and become experts on our world.

HPE is committed to creating a culture of curiosity, providing joyful learning experiences, and connecting the wonder of learning both in-person and virtually. By redefining our instructional practices to address recent changes in our world, we can better support the needs of the whole child. Benefits of this project include the opportunity for better audio/video connection, increased collaboration and social experiences, and precise modeling and demonstration of new skills. The technology tools provided through this grant will help improve and redefine the learning and teaching experience.

Children are world changers and we want to learn about solar energy! Throughout this project, students will learn about the sun and the energy it produces, solar panels, and how to use solar energy to power common household objects. Ultimately, students will think about how we can become more environmentally responsible through using renewable energy.

Isabelle Alexander (FHS Student) & Cynthia Baney (FJH)Hope for Human Trafficking Awareness CampaignStudent Impact: 3,000The Hope for Human Trafficking event was started by Cynthia and Lauren Baney seven years ago in order to raise awareness about the human trafficking epidemic worldwide. This project will help expand trafficking boundaries and include online exploitation in the area of focus. Specifically, it will to address social media and online methods of exploitation, preventative and proactive methods against trafficking and exploitation, and the inclusion and education of minority populations in trafficking communities.

Vince Scott (TCE) Thorpe Creek OrchardStudent Impact: 700The Thorpe Creek Orchard is an innovative outdoor learning space that provides students an opportunity to observe and facilitate the growth of various fruit bearing plants. This student led project gives real world meaning to math, science, and social studies concepts outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Lauren Doran (SCI): Connect Classroom to WorldStudent Impact: 110This project leverages video conferencing technology to build global partnerships to help students to build empathy, understand and appreciate cultural diversity, and understand global issues. Global connections with other classrooms allows students to connect with others through shared literacy experiences and project-based learning. Students can build relationships and find their place in the world by traveling virtually anywhere on the globe without ever leaving our classroom. 041b061a72


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