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This painting is from the cover of a Sunday newspaper from Nashville, TN published many years ago.  I loved the story of Huckleberry Finn and Jim becoming friends on the Mississippli river. Although the book is sometimes perceived negatively because of it's portrayal of African Americans and the use of the "n" word; what I resonate with is the theme of listening to your soul and acting courageously. Huck has to decide whether his elders are right with regard to African Americans and slavery and after experiencing the truth, a true connection with Jim, he knows that his elders are not right - that African Americans are human beings and equal to anyone else. He says, “All right then, I’ll go to hell”, if it means he has to accept the hypocracy and untruths of his elders. The decision Huck faces is one that we all face almost daily in our lives - to live authentically with what our soul tells us or to conform to society.


Dimensions: " length, " width

Jim and Huck on the Mississippi River

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