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We will incorporate images that have meaning for you.  Some samples are shown below.

Creation of a Personalized Mandala for you or a Loved One

You can determine how much personalization feels right for your mandala.  Once your purchase is sent to us, we send you a form where you tells us where you want to keep the mandala the same as the original one that I created for me and what areas you want to change.

The areas and what you can change on them is color-coded for your convenience.

  • Red "R" - you can chose colors.

  • Blue "B" - you can chose colors and add wording.

  • Green "G" - you can choose the image.

  • For colors in the "G" areas, I use colors that are complimentary to the colors you've chosen in the other areas, so that overall, the design "works".

Untitled 3.png

Then the design is sent to you for review to see if you want any changes made.  We make the agreed-upon changes and then send you the electronic copy.  Then you can get it printed on anything you want.

We can also get it printed on various items and can discuss once the design is complete.

We also offer a service enhancement of getting it printed, matted and framed for you. This is helpful if you just want it to arrive to you without much involvement or you want to send it as a gift to someone.

Your purchase options are shown below.

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