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Landwork Project

This page provides information on some land work that needs to be done in Mentone, Alabama. The land is about 1 acre and has a slight slope. It is wooded. The project would be to clear the trees and foliage out of the desired area and then properly prepare the land such that it can be covered with chert. We estimate about 12-14 trees need to be cleared. Then properly install the chert so that an RV Trailer (5th wheel) can be moved into the chert zone.  The diagram below shows the dimension of the chert zone and where the RV will be placed in the zone. The RV Trailer is at someone else's house under a mile away. There is a fairly long curved driveway from trailer to the road, but the curve is such that it should be fairly easy to pull the RV to the road (doesn't have an sharp angles that would be hard to maneuver).

The chert zone coverage area will be an "L-shaped" region that is 3,225 square feet as shown in the diagram below.

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 3.03.32 PM.png

The video below takes you on a walk-through of the area to be cleared and cherted. There is also a gallery of pictures at the end of this page as well.

If you want to bid on this project you can do so by completing the bid questionnaire at this link: Bid Questionnaire Link

Below is a picture gallery to further help you complete your bid. If you click on a picture it will enlarge it so you can see more detail.

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